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Creating an intervention strategy for underachieving students can take a lot of time and resources. It can be especially difficult to find a strategy that is effective for all students to prepare them for their mock exams.

With Your Favourite Teacher, you can develop an intervention strategy that can be tailored to all students, and can save you both time and resources. 

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1. Set up YFT for students

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Before you begin taking steps to build your intervention strategy, you should set up Your Favourite Teacher for your students. This way, you will be able to collect data to justify why students have been selected for intervention and look into lessons and courses in advance.

The process of setting up an account with your school is simple. All you have to do is book a demo so we can talk you through the platform and discuss your needs and how we can help you support your intervention students.

Once your account is activated, your school will have unlimited teacher accounts so that every teacher can utilise the platform for intervention, as well as begin to select students.

2. Identify underachieving students who need support

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Traditionally, intervention students are often identified through target grades. For example, a student who has been working at a grade 5 but has a target grade 6 might instantly be selected for extra support. Additionally, students with low attendance may also be selected for intervention due to missed learning.

These are both still important pieces of data to help aid your decision, however, Your Favourite Teacher provides very detailed reports that show gaps in knowledge, engagement and other progress metrics.

With this data, you can identify students who could be working at their target grade and have high attendance, but actually have big gaps in their knowledge for a certain topic. This will also flag up the topics that you need to focus on during intervention.

3. Create a tailored learning plan

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Using data from Your Favourite Teacher, as well as assessment results from previous mocks or classroom tests, you can clearly identify topics that should be covered in your intervention lessons.

Your Favourite Teacher allows you to build custom learning plans that can be tailored entirely to your student’s learning needs. 

Let’s take the example of a group of students who are struggling with writing skills for their GCSE English Language papers. Here’s a suggestion of 6 lessons that would support these students to improve their writing skills for their mock exam:

It really is as simple as looking through our courses and selecting pre-recorded lessons for each intervention slot.

4. Schedule a suitable time for weekly lessons

weekly lesson timetable

Breakfast summit lessons are increasingly popular with schools across the country. We know that the morning is optimal for absorbing critical information. 

If possible, all you need to do is provide a healthy breakfast snack, juice and top it off with a brain-boosting banana for the perfect Summit Programme, to boost those grades and fill in any gaps in missed learning. 

You should also book a time where you will have access to computers, for example in the school IT suite. A computer is all your students will need to complete the whole intervention lesson.

5. Run the lessons using our learning resources

Running the entire intervention lesson couldn’t be easier. Firstly, there is no need to have a subject specialist teacher taking the lesson; that’s what our pre-recorded content is. Every video on the YFT platform has been created by real teachers, so all you’ll need is an available member of staff who can supervise the lesson.

Each lesson will take around 30 minutes to complete. The students will start by watching the lesson video, where they are also advised to take notes. They can then move onto written topic summaries, worksheets, interactive quizzes and take a look at model answers.

6. Print takeaway notes for students to reference

The lesson can finish with the printable takeaway notes that students can reference during their independent revision. These will give them something to create revision cards or notes from to help them prepare for the mock exams, and hopefully, the real thing next summer.

7. Monitor student engagement and progress

Your student’s progress should not just be tracked before the intervention begins. Your Favourite Teacher allows you to monitor engagement and progress in real-time before and during the lesson itself, and of course outside of lessons.

Are your students engaging in the lessons? Have they filled gaps in their learning? These are things you can check to ensure intervention lessons are successful in supporting your students. 

8. Suggest lessons and courses for home learning

The platform does not only have to be used during the intervention lessons. Students can access the entire YFT platform from any device, as often as they like. This means you can suggest other courses and lessons to guide your student’s revision outside of school.

You can even take it a step further and set homework for students through the virtual platform, which you can also monitor in real-time.

Start GCSE intervention with Your Favourite Teacher

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You can also follow this link to view a sample lesson video.

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