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From at home revision to studying online or with a friend, there are many ways to revise for your GCSEs. Different people have different learning styles, and the best learning experience is usually one in which you have access to different ways to revise.

Online courses are a great way to revise for your GCSEs because they let you learn at your own pace, allow you to choose where you learn and give you the ability to tailor your learning to your own needs. Plus, they teach you a great deal about time management and working independently along the way.

At Your Favourite Teacher, we offer online GCSE courses for English Language, English Literature, Maths and Science. All courses include video lessons, practice worksheets, quizzes and much more.

To learn more about our platform and the features we have to offer, you can watch a guided walkthrough video. Watch Video Now What are the benefits of online learning for students

1. Learn at your own pace


Every student is unique and learns at a different pace. Traditional classroom settings can make it difficult for a teacher to ensure everyone is able to keep up, and sometimes this can lead to some students falling behind. 

One key advantage of online learning is that it gives you the ability to go at a pace that works for you. 

From watching a video a few times, or pausing it to take notes, and quizzing yourself afterwards, online learning is the best way to make sure you fully digest the course material in your own time.

2. Choose where you learn 


Again, different people learn best in different locations. We recommend choosing a distraction-free environment as this will ensure you can fully engage with the material.

An online learning environment gives you the best of both worlds. It lets you choose where to learn while engaging you in the same way classroom teaching would so your mind won’t go drifting off. 

Regardless of where you prefer learning (this could be in your bedroom or the school library), having access to online lessons gives you the flexibility to study wherever and whenever works best for you!

3. Tailor your learning to your own needs


Have you ever been in a situation in which you wish your teacher would go over something again, but didn’t want to ask in front of everyone? That won’t happen with online courses.

Online courses can help you target gaps in your knowledge and even move up a grade.

You know yourself best and online learning lets you pick and choose topics. You can easily skip those you’re already a pro at, and take a deep dive into areas you need to brush up on – all in your own time.

4. Learn valuable life skills


The great thing about online learning is that it won’t just give you plenty of technical skills, it’ll also teach you valuable life skills.

At the end of the day, it is down to you to take responsibility for your learning and revision, and that is a huge achievement.

Staying on track and working hard in your own time is an impressive skill to have, and shows real motivation and drive. 

By learning online, you’ll soon become a pro at time-management, keeping motivated and working independently. These are all key skills that will help you with your career advancement, as you move onto sixth form or college.

Start learning online with Your Favourite Teacher


Our GCSE English Language, English Literature, Maths and Science courses suit anyone studying for their exams and will help you fill learning gaps as you go. 

If you’re new to Your Favourite Teacher, you can sign up for a free trial to start learning today. Or you can also watch a guided walkthrough video to learn more about our features and how to make the most of your subscription!

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