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What is Triple Science GCSE?


Triple Award Science provides GCSE students with the opportunity of studying all three sciences (Physics, Biology and Chemistry) as separate subjects. This will lead to three separate GCSE qualifications at the end of your exams, with a grade allocated to each of the sciences.

For example, your GCSE results might look like this:


How do the exams work?

Every student who takes Triple Science will sit a total of six exam papers (two for each science). The papers are split into Paper 1 and Paper 2, with certain topics allocated to each paper, which helps you structure your revision. You will have 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete each paper unless you are a student with extra time. 

What’s the difference between Double and Triple Science?Double_or_triple_science_GCSE

So, how is it different from Double (also known as Combined) Science? If you choose to take Double Award Science, you will still sit a total of six papers. However, the amount of content you will study is only around ⅔ of the content Triple science students will learn, and therefore the exam duration is only 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

Double Award students will also receive different qualifications at the end of their exams. As the name suggests, you will receive two GCSE grades. This is how your results will look:

  • Combined Science (Trilogy): 8-7

Triple or double: is Triple Science GCSE worth it?

Now you know the difference, is it better to take Triple Science instead of Double Science? The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is, ‘do I enjoy science?’. If you don’t have an interest in the subject, then Triple Science might not be worth it for you, as it is a larger commitment due to the extra content. 

You’ll also want to consider your next steps after GCSEs. Whilst it’s perfectly fine to not know what A-Level subjects you want to take, if you already know that you want to study a science subject, then taking Triple Science will set you up for A Levels. That being said, you do not need a Triple Science Award to take an A-Level Science subject, though it is highly recommended. 

In short, Triple Science is great for anyone who enjoys science, feels up for learning and revising more content, and is considering taking an A-Level Science subject.

Do you need Triple Science for Science-related careers?


Do you need Triple Science to be a doctor, or for other science-related careers? The short answer is no, you can still have only achieved a Double Award. However, most science-related subjects at University will require you to have certain Science A-Levels, and we know that Triple Science can prepare you for these. 

You should also consider how competitive your subject is. Medicine is a very competitive subject at university, so your GCSE grades will usually be considered. If you have three high GCSE grades compared to two, you’ll have a much better advantage against others.

What resources can help you learn GCSE Triple Science?GCSE_triple_science_resources

If you’re thinking about taking GCSE Triple Science, then you might already want to consider how you’ll study. Though there is a lot of content to learn, with the right resources and revision methods! 

Focusing on your subject knowledge, making lots of detailed notes and using flashcards, is key. Past papers are another great way to revise the subject content whilst also ensuring that you get that all-important exam technique nailed. We wrote an entire article on how to use exam past papers for GCSE science revision.

Finally, using online study resources to help you revise is an excellent way to help you get the grades you want for Triple Science. From learning at your own pace to choosing where you learn and tailoring your studies to your own needs, there are plenty of benefits to online learning. 

So if that’s what you’re after, we’ve got just the thing for you! Watch our YouTube Science playlist to get an idea of what our Science GCSE courses are all about. 

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