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summer school olympics

Looking for a fun and engaging way to get prepared for the school year ahead? There is no better way to stay on track this summer than with our Your Favourite Teacher Olympic themed online summer school courses!

You can access our summer school with an active Your Favourite Teacher subscription. And if you’re new to Your Favourite Teacher, sign up to a free trial below.

Access to Your Favourite Teacher will give you the opportunity to LEARN LIKE AN ATHLETE as we are also used by the Premier League to help teach their academy players.

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What is the online summer school Olympics?
summer school olympics

To help you get ready for the school year ahead, we are running a 2-week summer school for GCSE students with a fun twist. Themed around the 2021 Olympics, it’s an exciting and engaging way to learn. 

The activity schedule includes the GCSE core subject areas – Maths, English and Science – with the addition of extracurricular activities related to countries participating in the Olympics.

A lesson will be released each day, meaning that by the end of the 2 weeks, you’ll have completed a wide range of lessons to enhance your learning in preparation for September. 

The 2-week GCSE summer school includes:

  • A comprehensive summer workbook

  • 5 webinars with our teachers covering key topics within the core subjects

  • Access to the whole Your Favourite Teacher platform (over 500 English, Maths and Science lessons)

  • Reports with quiz scores and lesson completions

  • Rewards and prizes to be won

YFT 2021 Summer School Timetable
How it will prepare you for the school year ahead
summer school olympics

The academic summer holidays last around 6 weeks, and with such a long break from learning, it can be tricky to get back into the swing of things come September. Whilst the holidays are a well-deserved break for both Year 9 and Year 10 students, it can be very beneficial to brush up on learning with online summer courses, especially in the crucial GCSE years.

Summer school students:

  • Students in Year 9
    Most Year 9 students will begin their GCSE learning in September, when they will become Year 10s. Crossing the bridge from KS3 to KS4 might seem daunting, but with our online summer school Olympics, you can get ahead and feel confident to take GCSE topics. All activities are suitable for Year 9 pupils, so it is the perfect opportunity to prepare for those all important GCSE years!

  • Students in Year 10
    Year 10 students will have just completed their first year of GCSE learning, along with some mock exams at the end of the year. Our online summer school programme is also perfect for students at this stage, as going back over topics is only going to make revision easier when Year 11 approaches.


How does the online summer school Olympics work?

summer school olympics

1. Sign up
To gain access to the online summer school programme, all you need is an active
Your Favourite Teacher subscription. If you already have one, there is no need to sign up again.

2. Get started
The programme starts on the 23rd July and ends on the 8th August 2021. And yes that’s when the actual Olympic Games are taking place!

3. Follow along
Online lessons will be released every day and you can complete each course as it is uploaded, if you wish. However, after the 2-week period, all lessons will be available until the end of summer. So rest assured that if you are away or miss a few lessons, you can go back and complete them in your own time.

Keeping track of progress

Tracking your progress is important to know where you are at with your learning. As part of our online summer school programme, you’re able to do so by earning coins, badges and certificates that recognise your efforts and achievements. 

You will also get access to impact reports whilst completing the programme. Our impact reports assess engagement through quiz scores and lesson completions, and are an excellent way to identify strengths and areas to improve on.

Get ready for summer school Olympics today

Ready to take part in our online summer school Olympics? You can sign up for a free trial now and gain access to all the benefits of our subscription before the programme starts on the 23rd of July. 

With a Your Favourite Teacher subscription you’ll have access to GCSE English Language, English Literature, Maths and Science courses to cover core curriculums you need to know. Each course comes with video lessons, practice worksheets, quizzes and more to get you GCSE ready.

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