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When a teacher is absent short term, cover supervision is required to ensure students don’t miss out on any learning. In most cases, a cover teacher will supervise work that has been set in accordance with the school policy. 

With Your Favourite Teacher, GCSE lessons can be set as cover work to ensure high quality, engaging lessons are taught in your absence. Simply select a lesson that matches your current topic and allow the cover teacher to guide the class through the lesson. 

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An online learning solution such as Your Favourite Teacher can be hugely beneficial when it comes to teaching cover lessons. Here are some of the ways it can help which we will cover in more detail in the blog:


Set cover lessons in advance

How to Provide Effective Cover Lessons Icon 01Whether you know you are going to be absent or simply want to be prepared, it’s worthwhile having a cover lesson plan for your classes. This may mean spending hours of your free time preparing cover lessons that are both valuable and interesting.

With Your Favourite Teacher, you can easily set cover work in advance by selecting the lessons you want the cover teacher to guide the class through. This helps the cover teacher know exactly what lessons they need to work through with the class and will make their life, and yours a lot easier.

In many cases, a cover teacher may not be an expert on the subject they are covering and may not be able to provide additional information. Therefore, providing students with GCSE lessons delivered by expert subject teachers will ensure they get the specialist teaching they need to prepare for exams.


Have a last-minute solution available

How to Provide Effective Cover Lessons Icon 02In some cases, you may need to be absent at short notice and a last-minute learning solution will be required. It can then be a scramble to get lessons and worksheets printed out and ensure your classes have enough work to complete.

Our online learning platform offers an effective last-minute solution when no lessons have been set in advance. Cover Managers can create their own login for Your Favourite Teacher and easily set up the cover teacher with lessons for you. 

Whether you use the platform already for flipped learning, homework or independent study, the Cover Manager can easily identify what part of the course the students are working on. This will then guarantee they complete a lesson in line with the subject scheme of work for that week.

The cover teacher will have all the tools they need to teach the class and can encourage them to work both independently and in groups. This could involve a class discussion on the video and then asking the students to work through the worksheets and quizzes. 


Give engaging and interactive lessons

How to Provide Effective Cover Lessons Icon 03When creating cover lessons for your class to work through, it can be difficult to make these engaging and interactive. If students are provided with worksheets to complete independently, it may mean they aren’t fully grasping the subject content.

This is why we offer animated video lessons that are fun and engaging whilst helping the student learn key concepts. Research has shown that 70% of teachers found that student motivation increased when video lessons are used in class. 

Our videos lessons are created and presented by real teachers who have extensive knowledge in GCSE English, Maths and Science. This will help to give you peace of mind that your class are following high-quality lessons in your absence.

As well as the videos, the students will also be able to test their knowledge in quizzes and complete downloadable worksheets. This will also make it easier for the cover teacher to set homework and extra activities for the students to complete independently.


Monitor your students progress

How to Provide Effective Cover Lessons Icon 04Another issue with being absent from school is that you can lose track of student progress. This is why our virtual learning platform makes it easy for teachers to monitor progress and engagement. 

When you return from your absence, you will be able to log in and see the GCSE lessons that have been completed. It will then make it easier for you to resume your teaching again and ensure you don’t complete a lesson that has already been covered. 

As well as helping you stay organised on track, it will help you to easily identify any issues with the performance of your students that may need to be addressed. 

Provide effective cover teaching with Your Favourite Teacher

Your Favourite Teacher offers interactive GCSE courses and learning resources that fit perfectly with the content you are teaching. 

Our virtual classroom can be used to help reduce your time spent on preparing cover lessons by being able to set them in advance. 

As well as interactive video lessons, your class will also have access to quizzes, worksheets and revision resources to help reinforce their learning. 

You can sign up for a free demo today to discuss your needs and walk you through the platform.

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