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As the end of the academic year draws nearer, you might be reflecting on what has been an extremely unpredictable and challenging year. 

Lockdown teaching made us all aware of the impact the pandemic has had on mental health for both teachers and students.

student working on laptop at home

For teachers, it was a huge shift from their usual teaching style whilst also being isolated at home which in turn, really impacted teachers’ wellbeing. 

It also may have looked like students were enjoying learning from home with their mobile and playstation to hand. However, it was a lot tougher than they anticipated it would be. 

Whilst the idea of lounging around in pj’s sounded good, students missed the structure that going to school offers. Even the social interaction of being with your friends in the classroom and planning what you were going to do after school was a big part of their day.

GCSE students especially struggled without the one-to-one support from their teacher that just wasn’t possible remotely. Paired with being at home which may not be a positive environment certainly impacted students’ mental health.

Mental health CPD for teachers

Due to this, our English Director Charlene Shaw has put together a free CPD webinar to support teachers who have worked through this unprecedented time. 

Alongside this, her webinar discusses the reintegration of students back into the classroom setting and how to be mindful of students’ mental health. This handy free CPD webinar and CPD resource list includes:

  • Responding to student needs

  • Current research and statistics

  • Supporting students remotely

  • Students returning to school


Access our teacher CPD course

To support teachers as much as possible, we have now built a teacher CPD course compiled of all our CPD’s from the last year. If your school has a contract with us, you will now be able to access all recordings and downloadable resources under ‘Support’ for:

  • Remote Learning

  • Vocabulary

  • Blended Learning

  • Using Ed-Tech in the classroom

  • Supporting students with their mental health

Support your students learning with Your Favourite Teacher 

At Your Favourite Teacher, we offer interactive GCSE courses and learning resources that fit perfectly with the content you are teaching. 

Our virtual classroom can be used to review and reinforce content, with quizzes and tasks to help students expand on their classroom learning. 

We can also help reduce your planning by using our lessons as a base for you to adapt, as well as providing worksheets and revision resources. 

You can sign up for a free demo today to discover all the learning resources we have to offer. 

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