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After a couple of very turbulent years, you probably have lots of questions about what is happening with the summer GCSE exams. But fear not, Your Favourite Teacher is here with all the answers you need about the GCSE 2022 exams and recently released advanced information from Ofqual.

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This blog will answer the following questions:

Are the 2022 GCSE exams being cancelled?

2022 GCSEs - Icon 01In short, no. GCSEs have not been cancelled for 2022. The summer GCSE exams are still going ahead.

This means there will be no teacher assessed grades this year. Although, schools are being asked to collect data on students through termly mocks just in case this needs to change later in the year.

Are the 2022 GCSE grade boundaries being changed?

2022 GCSEs - Icon 02During the pandemic the proportion of students passing GCSEs and scoring the highest grades rose significantly.

In fact, under teacher assessment in 2020, there was a 8.9% increase in the number of students achieving a “standard pass” (grade 4, equivalent to a C in the old grade system).

To tackle this, grade boundaries will be higher than the last couple of years. However, to take into consideration the continued impact of the pandemic, grade boundaries will be more lenient than the pre-pandemic grade boundaries.

So, the 2022 grade boundaries will be set as a “mid-point” between the 2019 boundaries and the grade levels used in teacher assessments in 2021.

What are the changes to GCSE exams in 2022?

2022 GCSEs - Icon 08You can see the full details of the changes for each subject on the government’s website.

But to save you hunting around on the government’s website, we’ve broken down the key changes you need to know for the core GCSE subjects: English Language, English Literature, Maths and Science.

What are the changes to GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature in 2022?

2022 GCSEs - Icon 05For GCSE English Language, advanced information on some of the exam content has been provided, to help students focus their revision. Speaking assessments do not have to be recorded and can be conducted virtually and by a single teacher.

The GCSE English Literature exams will cover less content than usual. So, the total exam time may have changed. In the exams there will be a choice of topics. All students will be assessed on a Shakespeare play. But, depending on their exam board, one of the following will be optional: poetry, modern text and 19th century text.

What are the changes to GCSE Maths in 2022?

2022 GCSEs - Icon 06For GCSE Maths, advanced information on some of the exam content has been provided. Check the information carefully as it is different depending on whether students are studying Foundation or Higher tier. 

Students will be provided with a Maths formulae sheet in the exams. Copies can be found on each exam board’s website.

What are the changes to Combined or Separate GCSE Science in 2022?

2022 GCSEs - Icon 07For Science, advanced information on some of the exam content has been provided, to help students focus their revision. This information is different depending on whether students are studying Combined or Separate Science. So, make sure you check the right information.

Students will also be provided with a revised Physics equation sheet in the summer 2022 exams. Copies of the equation sheets students will be given can be found on each exam board’s website.

What is the 2022 advanced information for GCSEs?

2022 GCSEs - Icon 08As a way to make this year’s exams fairer, each exam board has released advanced information about the 2022 GCSE exams for the relevant subjects.

It was released in early February and includes information about the content that will be the focus of the GCSE exams.

The advance information from Ofqual applies to all subjects expect for English Literature, History, Ancient History, Geography and subjects that are non-exam assessed, for example Art and Design.

What does the advanced information for GCSEs say?

2022 GCSEs - Icon 10The great news is the exam boards have generally been really specific. This will help students know exactly where to focus their revision.

Most of the advanced information is a list of topics that will be the main focus for each paper students will sit. It will indicate the content covered in the questions worth the most marks.

However, synoptic or lower mark questions may still assess students on content not listed on the advanced information. So, it is still essential that students are taught and revise the entire specification.

How do I access the advanced information?

2022 GCSEs - Icon 11To see the advanced information for each subject, either go directly to the relevant exam board’s website or access the information through the government’s website.

This list is different depending on which exam board students are studying, whether they’re studying Higher or Foundation tier, and whether they are studying Combined or Separate Science. So, make sure you know these details and be careful to make sure you check the right list.

You could use our revision list to make sure you have all this information in the same place.

How does the advanced information support GCSE students?

2022 GCSEs - Icon 12The advanced information should be used to focus students’ GCSE revision.

Now student’s know which topics to focus their revision on, they should:

  • Attempt quizzes on the advanced information topics, and identify areas of weakness.
  • Focus revision on their weakness. This will make the biggest impact on their grades.
  • Regularly swap between and revisit the topics, to aid long-term retention of the content. Videos are a great way to re-engage interest, and refresh memory, in topics that haven’t be covered in a while.
  • Attempt exam style and past paper questions on each topic, to practise and develop effective exam technique. Check out our blog on how to use past papers for GCSE Science revision for more guidance.

And if you just want further advice on revision, check out our top tips for revising GCSE Maths.

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